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Thread: Webwatcher woes

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    Default Webwatcher woes

    My ex-fiance has installed Webwatcher on my computer without my permission. He admitted that he had downloaded it onto my computer, and said he has deactivated it, but I am not convinced that he will never have access to my computer again. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from having future access?

    I called Webwatcher and they said they need the 'code' to deactivate, but once turned off, surely it can be turned on again?

    I doubt that I will ever get the 'code,' so need to know what I can do to prevent further stalking.

    Also, are there laws against 'spying' on someone like this?

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    Hello tigerteach,

    Have you considered a reformat and once the operating system is re-installed securing the PC with a strong password?

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    Regarding the laws on spying, you might be best off just asking your local law force agency.

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