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Thread: Teatimer using up ridiculous amounts of memory.

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    Default Teatimer using up ridiculous amounts of memory.

    Hi guys, new member here. How ya'll doing?

    I'm having a problem with teatimer, it's using up a lot of memory. 130,500k of memory is being used. Is this normal? This isn't much of a problem since I have a high end computer with ample amounts of high end memory, but it bothers me just knowing that my resources are being wasted. Is this a memory leak of some sort?

    Thanks for reading. I would appreciate any help you guys could give.

    Oh; I nearly forgot to post some of my system specs. If it helps, here are my system specs.

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
    i7 920 oc'd to 3.8 ghz
    6gb high end corsair ram.
    2x 295 gtx cards in quad sli.
    2x velociraptors in raid 0.

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    I'm not sure why you think you have a problem.

    The amount of memory being used is normal, in fact Task Manager shows TT on my PC currently using 193412K. With the amount of memory your PC has it is hardly going to be noticed.

    Why do you think "your resources are being wasted". What of great value would this particular memory being used by TT be doing if TT wasn't running.
    Waste would be paying for 6GB of Corsair ram and never using it.

    There used to be a registry tweak for TT that allowed a choice of lower memory usage at the expense of slower performance, or higher memory usage with fastest performance - I don't know if it is still applicable to the current version, but again with a machine spec like yours it really isn't an issue.

    What is boils down to is this. If you think the protection offered by TT is worthwhile, and your PC has the resources to use it without adversely affecting what ever else you do with your PC, then you use it. If your PC doesn't have the resources or you don't think the protection is worth it, then you turn off TT.

    Given the specs, I would assume your PC's primary use would be for Gaming, and if that's the case, given most gamers desire for absolute max performance I would be turning off TT during gaming anyhow - it's simple enough to do and to turn back on at other times.
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