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Thread: Multiple Partitions

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    Arrow Multiple Partitions

    Hi, I have spyware on my computer. I've downloaded the lastest version of Spybot and its updates.

    However it doesn't seem to register my other partitions.

    They are:

    C: Documents Drive
    D: WIndows XP Drive (Currently recognised by Spybot)
    F: Programs Drive
    G: Music Drive
    H: Games Drive.

    Now, i've added the "/allhives" to the Shortcut which I found on this site.

    I have also gone to Settings -> DIrectories and added all the above drives in the Download Directory however I don't feel that it is picking them up. I've added them as C:\, D:\, F:\ etc which I assume it would scan all the folders and files inside the drive.

    After running the scan I appears not to have scanned them, because I can still see the virus's/spyware running in my Windows Task Bar.

    I have:

    csrss.exe (possible not 100% sure, its run under System username.
    lsass.exe (same as above)
    svchost.exe (not sure on this one, I have seven running under System, Network Service and Local Service)

    Any advice, experience or opinion on how I can scan my other Drives and if the list above actually are viruses/spyware would be greatly appreciated.

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    Those aren't necessarily spyware. Visit Uniblue. Under Libraries on that page, check out the filenames you've listed.

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    I was about to tell you to add them to the Download Directories, but you reached there before I did.

    Spybot-Search&Destroy does not scan the processes.

    The processes you mentioned in your post does not necessarily have to be spyware related. They seem legitimate to me.

    If you have any doubts about the security of your machine, feel free to scan the machine with another anti-spyware application. Personally I would recommend MalwareByte's Anti-Malware. It also scans multiple drives.

    By the way, if Spybot is not picking up anything in a scan, you can relax but that is a good sign (assuming you have the latest update definitions).

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