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Thread: plz help?! Virumonde, redirected websites and cant use internet

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    Angry plz help?! Virumonde, redirected websites and cant use internet

    Hi, I'm new to these forums and I joined so I could get some extra help on here.

    On my other computer which is a desktop pc, I noticed some suspicious and weird behavior on it. Some things that were going on were once in a while it redirected google search result links to weird advertising websites. And I noticed slightly slower loading times for visiting any website in general.

    So I decided to run spybot search & destroy and I got a few things detected such as

    microsoft.Windows SecurityCenter.AntiVirusOverride"

    I "fixed" them with spybot, and then I was alright for a while but I still noticed google search results being redirected. Then eventually in the same day I noticed things got dramatically worse with the computer because now I can't go to ANY websites or surf the web at all.

    Every time I enter a URL or go to a webpage etc. it ALWAYS redirects to some website containing "fes[dot]sk" in the url. (note that the [dot] is supposed to be a "." and do NOT go there.) It goes there but it does not load and leaves me with a blank page but I can't go anywhere and surf the internet at ALL. Can't check email, cant go to google, cant do anything. I'm on a seemingly healthy computer right now.

    So I tried to run spybot search & destroy again and it appears as if "virtumonde" is still on there but spybot seems to freeze once in a while or just freezes after finding out the 3-4 entries of "virtumonde". Which is very frustrating because it appears I can't do anything to fix it also seeing as to how I can't go to any websites anymore.

    I'm considering bringing the computer into a computer shop where they can look at it or bring it into best buy's geek squad or something like that.
    I disconnected the internet from the computer to prevent anything else from happening. But it looks like I'm completely stuck.
    I'm somewhat computer savvy, but probably not as much as most of the people on here because I have no idea what a hijackthis log is or things like that..

    Please help me!!

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    Your log is a few days old. If you still need help simply reply to my post.
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