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Thread: Using S&D w/ multiple profiles??

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    Default Using S&D w/ multiple profiles??

    This seems like such a simple question yet I've scoured the tutorial and FAQS with no luck. I installed S&D which works fine with my XP profile, i.e. S&D/TeaTimer automatically starts up (icon in QuickLaunch bar, processes in task manager), but S&D doesn't automatically start up on my wife's profile. I've got to be missing something obvious which hopefully someone will embarrass me with a response

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    Did you install spybot to work only on one account? I duon't know if it has that option, but some programmes do.

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    This may be a setting that can be controlled on a individual user basis.

    With the browsers closed, when logged in as your wife open SpyBot Search & Destroy. Go to Tools | Resident. There you will see "Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection for over-all system settings) active." Checkmark it.

    You may have to restart windows but I doubt it.

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