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Thread: PLEEEASE!! - [ not red and green again :-( ]

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    Unhappy PLEEEASE!! - [ not red and green again :-( ]

    8% of males are red green colour-blind. It's not a problem in normal life but PC monitors give pure colours where the red and green are indistinguishable.

    If Search and Destroy is going to identify and define detected malware by a red or green tick and text, could it not use a different font or bold as well as a different colour?

    Please? - it would make our lives sooooo much easier....

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    AFAIK, there's a skin for colorblind users. If you've enabled advanced mode, then go to Spybot-S&D > Settings > Skins and select "Colorblind". If you didn't enabled advanced mode, then go to menu "Mode" > Advanced mode > Click "Yes". Then follow those steps.
    Spyware will be colored with red while usage tracks will be colored with blue.

    In case by some strange reason this didn't help, maybe I could make a simple skin which could show difference between spyware and usage tracks colors.

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    Glad to see the spybot team covered on all fronts - genuinely impressed

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