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Thread: Very slow boot

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    Default Very slow boot

    Something happened a few days back that is making my XP HP machine very slow and it freezes up...sometimes the cursor will move but will not do any action. I get strange screens that I have never seen in Windows..the last one was "no bootup unit in table" It's almost is like I have competing boot up programs going on.

    I can not use the restore will go through the whole operation and then give a message to try another restore point. I recently defraged after the problem started and removed recently installed programs to no avail...I can not relate the situation to anything that I've done....I did accidently open a Nigerian email but did not respond or click anything before I deleted it.

    Also, the guest user option pops up when there is not supposed to be one(disabled). Sometime programs say I am not the administrator (Spy Bot).

    I have a recent (today) Hi Jack Log available and have run a reg back up.

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    Hello sailbad,

    Quote Originally Posted by sailbad View Post
    I have a recent (today) Hi Jack Log available and have run a reg back up.
    Please see this forum's FAQ and start a new topic, a volunteer analyst will advise you when available.

    "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Best regards.
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