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Thread: Cleaning temp files

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    Default Cleaning temp files

    S&D offers to clean temporary files upon start up and I always say yes.

    Question 1: sometimes it says there are 800 or more temp files. Does this mean there is something suspicious going on? Is a very high number of temp files normal even though no programs are currently open other than S&D?

    Question 2: then when it's done cleaning out the temp files it reports are many could not be cleaned. Is that normal also when there are no programs open?


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    As to how many temp files have accumulated, depends on when you last cleaned them and on what software or services are running (many things running in the background create temp files that they use during the current session. 800 does seem rather a lot, though.

    If the temp files are in use in the current session, they cannot be deleted, but they would be deleted after a PC restart.

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