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Thread: ~ What installs "Carbonite" ?

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    Angry ~ What installs "Carbonite" ?

    I woke up this morning and saw a popup sitting on my desktop. It was for Carbonite Backup.
    After closing it, there was a new shortcut on the desktop, and I did NOT install it last night.
    Attempting to deleting it resulted in errors. Attempting to delete the Carbonite file it points to results in errors. "Magic Unlocker Assistant" is unable to delete the hooks.
    I had to find, and terminate the "Carbonite" process, and manually find/kill all the hooks using "Windows Process Explorer" .

    My question is what installed this pain in the rear end in the first place?

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    At least at some point Carbonite backup was offered bundled in Java installation packet (it can be unselected during the installation process). Do you still have issues with it?
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