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    Default Backweb

    In C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Applications\Spybot-Search & Destroy\Recovery I have a long list of Backweblitenn and a Backweb-8876480application.
    What are these?
    The Backweb-8876480 is also in the list of Startup program.
    What should I do

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    Backweb-8876480.exe is a process that comes with the Logitech products software. It manages the automatic update check as well as providing you with news for the latest offers and products from Logitech.

    It is not an essential process.

    BackWeb/BackWeb lite was detected by Spybot in the past because of the potential that it could be used by malware to download things to your system. However, the detection became problematic because it is used by many companies such as:
    • CABC – Connection
    • Eastman Kodak - EasyShare
    • F-Secure AV – required to update
    • HP/Compaq - Active Update
    • Logitech - Logitech Desktop Messenger
    • Western Digital - Data Lifeline software

    The items in Spybot's Recovery can be purged if you don't intend on using them.

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    I am grateful for this information.

    Now I understand.
    I have erased this process by using Add/Remove and then a seies of searches and remove using JV16Powertools

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    So does Spy Bot remove backweb now? I remember Spy Sweeper used to remove it but then stopped. I asked them why and they said it was because it was so widely used.
    I asked HP point blank whether backweb was spyware and they told me straight up that it was spyware.
    Does Ad-Aware remove backweb? Which spyware/adware scanners remove backweb now?

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