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Thread: TeaTimer blocking acceptable site(s)

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    Default TeaTimer blocking acceptable site(s)

    If I'm in the wrong forum, please direct me to the correct one.

    When TeaTimer is active it turns a video (mainly on YouTube) into a downloaded "application / octet-stream", whatever that is, rather than allowing me to watch it. How can I set TeaTimer to ignore YouTube, or any other video sites I might visit on occasion?


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    the TeaTimer is an active protection that scans running files and changes to the registry, it does not scan websites.

    The SDHelper is a plug in for the Internet Explorer, it can block websites or parts of it. In the Internet Explorers Tools section you can check for the SDHelper settings and also see which sites have been blocked.
    If you do not use the Internet Explorer the issue does not appear to be related to Spybot S&D.
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