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Thread: Spybot S&D Updater: Bad Checksum?

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    Default Spybot S&D Updater: Bad Checksum?

    A couple of times now when I try to update Spybot S&D, I'm getting a message stating "Bad Checksum". The download list comes up and the most recent updates are displayed, but when I click download, I'm getting a red "X" followed by "Detection Rules" and then the words "Bad Checksum!!" Can anybody tell me what's going on? Thanks, mike

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    Hi mikejamm

    Try to download from another mirror.

    Or download manually from here:

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    Default it happens occasionally..

    Various reasons for why it happens - most likely simply a mixup in the file download to your machine. It's a 'good thing' that the bad checksum fails (it checks itself by a protocol to ensure the file dl'd is the same as the source file, you can do basically the same thing manually with md5 or sha* digests if given).

    As noted above by J', another mirror may help or simply re-do the update..

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