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Thread: Spybot run by command line in safe mode

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    Question Spybot run by command line in safe mode

    Hey guys who knows why spybot run in safe mode by command line doesn't produce logs?

    Could you please tell me whether is a problem of the version I am running (1.6.2) or it is its normal behavior?

    I appreciate your time and courtesy.

    Ciao mates
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    which parameters did you use to run Spybot via command line? I can't reproduce this error so far. Usually logs are stored at "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs". Did you already check this location?

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    Default Spybot parameters

    this is the command I am executing in safe-mode on windows xp professional SP 2 (or 3 on some computers)

    SpybotSD.exe /taskbarhide /allhives /autocheck /autofix /autoclose /autoimmunize

    The directory pointed out by you is the directory I am checking for collecting the logs.

    Thanks again.

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