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Thread: need help have problem after problem for last 4-8 months

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    Default need help have problem after problem for last 4-8 months

    hi thanks in advance for your help!

    i leave my computer on most of the time i'm connected to a cable based network and am hardwired to it. i have vista ie firefox every so often about once every other day i will hear my harddrive going hard and wild. i check my network status and it shows something is uploading when start to investigate. it slows or stops. i check task master it show no processes working when i disable the network sometimes it will not disconnect but it shows me that it is disconnected. i am new to your forum i started using majorgeeks and bleepingcomputer. i have found many viruses and have been able remove them but it seems that no a week goes by without a problem. my computer running slow, connection slows when i'm using it. lately i have heard it uploading at night the screen comes on. when i hit a key it stops or files and folder are showing up different with views being changed repeatly this week my browser went nuts i disconnected the router by unpluging the power to it the computer would not let me disconnect

    i followed the those forums guidelines on malware removal things were getting better i thought . i cant load any rootkits. when i try to load scanners and spyware tools i get messages saying can't load or driver won't load finally i got gmer to load today and it showed some files that were rootkits but no way to fix. i google some of the filenames and it got to your forum here is the file gdiplus.dll!GdipCloneImage also some keyboard stuff i guess keyloggers maybe

    over past months i have run superantispyware combfix sbybot every av product availble mgtools i have updates on everything but get crashes and am asked to restore or force to restore sometimes all of my restore points have been removed. i started restoring everyday in fear i bought a backup usb drive. i found the computer accessing/reading them when i was not at the computer. help help help i have dds logs and have set a reg restore per the forum instructs thanks again

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    If you still need help post the DDS log you made or make a new log and post it.
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