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Thread: Bug in 1st Sep detection update

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    Default Bug in 1st Sep detection update


    I've just updated my detection files to 01/09/2010, running in version

    On running a scan, an error box pops up almost straight away, complaining of an "invalid message". Clicking any of the options brings up another identical error box, then another, then another, then..... (Task Manager - End Process)

    Problem seems to be something in the detection file that is hard-coded to read drive C:. If I create a virtual drive C, Spybot runs fine. If I remove the virtual drive and scan again, I either get the "invalid message" error, or I get "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive C:".

    (although drive C: is *usually* the first hard disk, it ain't necessarily so. My system doesn't have a C: drive most of the time)

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    Thanks for reporting. We will fix this by the next definitions update scheduled for next Wednesday.
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