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    Default shutting out ie

    i was googleing how to lock down ie in windows 7(i use google chrome) and can't find anything that seems to make sense to me. i want to prevent it from accessing the internet at all. every time i run CCleaner it comes up with ie files and i don't use it at first i thought maybe i had some malware and have run all scans that i can think of (malewarebytes, spybot, and my anti virus Avira). so could anyone tell me how to stop it.

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    You may have some temporary files used by Internet Explorer when you used some kind of Microsoft product; maybe a word document or such.

    You cannot in reality, "shut out" IE completely, by your definition.
    The simple way to satisfy your inquiry is simply not open it at all.
    Having IE installed on the computer will not kill you nor will it be a nuisance and use resources.

    Force removing Internet Explorer (there is a way) will take some effort because IE comes with the Operating System when you first start it.

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