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Thread: Unidentified Spyware?

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    Question Unidentified Spyware?

    I've run Spybot and Adaware (newest versions and up to date) and both say my system is clean now but a couple lagging bits of spyware are still around. I get these red circles/buttons with X's in them on my taskbar and a popup balloon from them telling me my computer is infected with spyware. There's like three of these things on there, and I know they're garbage. Also I'm getting popups in the form of stuff.

    Also my homepage to set to an html file on my c: drive called secure32.html and it has a link that sends me to (I fixed this manually)

    Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this crap that neither Spybot or
    Adaware can detect??

    Edit: just got a pop-up for "registry-cleaner" too.
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    Hello Startropic1.

    Please go here and follow instructions.
    Before you post a log

    Start a topic here:
    Malware Forum

    Someone will then take a look at the system and advise you.
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