This is a long post with a lot of information. When I run the Dec, 2008 includes I have no problems with Spybot loading or scanning. ALL updates after that hang during the loading phase with the blue horizontal loading bar stopping right at the top right icon for the icon file "handle" (-). The loading stops there and never goes on to and past the restore or X icons.

Clrt-Alt-Delete shows Spybot is "not responding" after SB hangs up during loading.

So I installed the Nov 20, 2010 includes. I copied the newer includes to a separate SPYBOT includes folder; hereafter called includes buffer or buffer. I deleted the includes in the subfolder includes under the regular SB folder. I copied half the buffer includes to the regular includes folder and scanned. No problem. I kept this up until I figured out which "file include(s)" were causing the hang problem(s).

I am running WIN98SE, spyware blaster, super antispyware, removed Norton, and am running AVG.

I also had a new problem that popped up in my Spyware Blaster protections with Mozilla FireFox that worked fine two weeks ago. ?? I resolved that issue. Spybot creates a huge hostperm.1 file in the Firefox profiles folder. This file can be moved and FF will replace it with a new smaller hostperm.1 file. This huge file is created or appended to FF when you press immunize in Spybot, they say. Sorry. Spyware Blaster works fine with a smaller hostperm.1 file. IE, restricted, AND Firefox protections all work fine now.

The files that are causing Spybot to hang are four files being in the regular includes folder called Trojans-c02.sbi to ... Trojans-c05.sbi. That's about 3 MBs that are removed by these four "file includes". All includes after Dec 2008 work when I remove these four files, at least SB doesn't hang during loading. The problem is that these are almost half the database.

SB says that SB runs under WIN98SE. Not for me. I have a WIN7 computer and need to network this 98 computer.

I am hoping this is some minor problem like the hostperm.1 problem with Spyware Blaster.

I get all sorts of "error during check" errors (20-30) and 16 TrojansC messages in Spybot when I run it with those files. Here's my outside the box idea based on a former computer having 25,000 viruses when running a Norton update in the 1990s. How come I have all these Trojans and skipped scans but my computer is not slowed down to the speed of a string stretched between two tin cans? I don't believe these results but my problem is that I would like to get SB to load the entire database. I think that will solve the false positive errors and Trojans problem during the scans.

Of course, none of the runanalyzer type SB files run on WIN98SE. All scans with malware removal software tools either didn't run under 98 or were negative.

The new Dec 1st includes work without those four files also.

Thanks for any help or ideas. I have tired for two years to resolve this issue.