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Thread: New spyware: Super Codec and also Protection Toolbar

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    Default New spyware: Super Codec and also Protection Toolbar

    Hi all,

    I got nailed by something called Super Codec. It puts a few things on your computer and I have been diggind and still cant get it all off.

    Places a program called Super Codec in your program list.

    Has an annoying icon in the icon tray.

    It is associated with hxxp://

    that are probably the people who made this to sell the software to remove it. I hate them.

    The little stinker I cant get out that is casuing the trouble looks like this:
    OMG, I just tried to send it to the shredder and the thing said I cant and even changed its file name right in front of my eyes.

    We are dealing with evil here. I need help to kill this thing.

    If you need more info please email me.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi there.

    In response to your PM, bad codecs are released frequently.
    Moviecodec, tvcodec, watchfree, StrCodec, are some of the latest; all are malicious fake codecs.
    Many are at Domains registered with estdomains and hosted by malware-friendly Intercage.

    Please see:
    Warning: Infection via bad CODEC installs. VirusBurst etc...

    We have a self help topic:
    VirusBurst, SpywareStrike and other desktop type hijacks

    Or if you would like someone will take a look at logs and assist you in the removal of any malware that might be present on the System, please follow the procedure in this link:
    "BEFORE you POST" -Preliminary Steps and scanning with SPYBOT-S&D

    Then start your own thread in the malware forum:
    Malware Removal Forum

    Once you have posted, a helper will take a look at the logs as soon as available and give any further instructions necessary.

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