I'm running v1.6.2.0 (system setting protector and have had problems over the past year or so with TeaTimer hanging up on shutdown of my aging WinXP Pro Toshiba laptop. I've also taken note of the various threads (now much-diminshed) regarding "memory hog" issues with TeaTimer by many users, and confirmed at times that my laptop was in similar constraints because of its CPU usage.

It seems that newer Spybot updates have helped reduce the memory load, though I've long noted in the responses by official reps that all running applications tend to increase their memory load over time for various reasons. I came across a really nifty little tool awhile back and it occurred to me that it might really solve this issue with TeaTimer for good, while providing even further improvement in memory management by taking care of that pesky increase in memory load over the working day among all of the different applications in the background.

It's called CleanMem -- it's free, too. The default setting is to clean the memory of unneeded loads every 30 minutes. The footprint is quite small and TeaTimer seems to respond with a lot more alacrity since installing CleanMem and I've had zero instances of it hanging on OS shutdown. There's been absolutely no disruption to anything running or corruption of any file or directory structure or an application's process so far as I can discern.

I'm not the creator but I'm definitely now a fan and have it loaded on every one of my home and office computers. Here's the URL: