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Thread: Spybot and Others Needed?

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    Default Spybot and Others Needed?

    A few years back I was researching a problem I was having on my computer and I ran across some advice that recommended running Spybot and Adaware and one other free malware removal program (that i can't remember). The logic being some programs would catch what the others miss... and so to be sure you are clean you could run all 3 of these programs. This was recommended as a low-tech kind of solution... a sort of idiot-proof catch all.

    Is this ok to do... and really necessary?

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    It would depend on what kind of problem you would have. Please be specific.

    If the problem is not spyware or malware based, it may be redundant to run a scan with anti-spyware programs.

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    Hello TheSpaghettiKid,

    There are a few tips here: So how did I get infected in the first place?

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