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    Thumbs down Dropbox used by hacks to spread malware


    Dropbox used by hacks to spread malware
    July 15, 2013 - "... Comment Crew*, the same Chinese cyberespionage team thought to be behind the recent attack on The New York Times, has been using publicly shared Dropbox folders** to spread malware, reports... Cyber Squared. "The attackers have simply registered for a free Dropbox account, uploaded the malicious content and then publicly shared it with their targeted users," a Cyber Squared blog posting*** explained last week. For malicious hackers, Dropbox is an attractive malware distribution platform because it's widely used in the corporate environment and is unlikely to be blocked by IT security teams. In this way, Cyber Squared wrote, "the attackers could mask themselves behind the trusted Dropbox brand, increasing credibility and the likelihood of victim interaction with the malicious file from either personal or corporate Dropbox users"..."



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