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Thread: "Anti-Virus Software" Malware, can't get rid!

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    Default "Anti-Virus Software" Malware, can't get rid!


    I have/had McAfee full security, spybot and Malware Bytes as protection, whatever this is, which according to my recent scans is Trojan and Malware - there are 4 main files it seems - managed to get through the McAfee. The malware bytes detects the different files - usually picks up 10 - 16 and can remove the majority, however there are 4 which just will not remove. It comes up as "object inaccessible" or "file not found" when I try to remove after the scan or even just quarantine.

    Since it's started I have tried changing anti-virus (3 times now) I have searched for the files themselves to no avail, I have restored the computer several times, created new accounts, system repairs just in case it was something with the PC that was stopping anti-virus from working, and I have even booted the computer up and restored the computer entirely using the restore disc - twice. If I do something like that - restore, repair or reloading windows 7 then it does seem like I have managed to get rid of the files and the problems for a short while, but soon enough it's back.

    What happens is it makes pop ups out of nowhere, takes over the search pages on google, stops my browsers working at all saying the computer is infected and I cannot use the internet when it does this (running a scan usually stops it but it starts again soon enough) it runs some kind of program which is saying that I have X amount of virus' and need to download their software, it brings "infected" pop ups at the bottom of the taskbar and is disguised as a windows security alert - or tries to be. I have heard of this one before from a friend of a friend so when I first started getting these problems I didn't ever click on anything or agree to anything, I just went straight to the anti-virus software or malware bytes or spybot (I have all) Everything on the computer is either from a disc or downloaded through cnet and then scanned anyway before opening, online I don't use any kind of unusual sites, just the most popular - a few forums, Facebook, hotmail... It's slowing the computer right down, the physical memory is constantly high - it's gone from being at around 25% when programs in use to being at 57% without anything being used or open and with hardly any of the space on the computer taken up and not many programs installed - 320GB HD, think there is about 250GB free. I'm not sure if that's a consequence of having this virus or whether there is some kind of technical problem, but it seems to be a bit of a coincidence that this is happening at the same time.

    I just have no idea what there is left to do!!?!! I would really appreciate any help as this is becoming impossible to deal with.

    Anway, at the moment, I am using AVG - which seems to be the best right now as it's blocking everything before they come up and start doing stuff, and it "tells" me the files but it can't remove them?! And Malware bytes, which again, detects everything but can't remove.

    I have got rid of the McAfee as that wasn't even picking anything up in time and needed to for the AVG to work. I have Kapersky on another PC so used that for a short time on this one, and while it did detect the trojan files on a scan it didn't block them from coming up or anything and it couldn't remove them after a scan. So AVG seems to be doing the best job at the moment.

    I'm not sure what's needed so just tell me and I'll post anything required!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello jennagleave1988,

    In case you missed it please see the forum FAQ which includes guidelines for this forum and also instructions on posting a preliminary DDS log.
    "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Then start a new topic, copy paste the DDS.txt log into it and a volunteer analyst will advise you when available.

    Best regards.
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