many of you probably have a process named ISUSPM.exe running on your PC. So do I. Also , it is paired with agent.exe.

Currently agent.exe is taking 100% of a CPU core and 2 GB of RAM on my PC, making work almost impossible.

Those are part of FlexNet Connect / Macrovision Software Manager.

Sometimes it has a "Software Updates" icon in Control Panel. It has no uninstall item in "Add or Remove Programs", so it is hard to uninstall.

There is an unistaller at InstallShield customer service, http://consumerdocs.installshield.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=Q111006&sliceId=1 but it did not work for me.

So to summarize:
- it is installed covertly, without the knowledge of the user
- can not be easily uninstalled
- can take up lot of system resources

Considering that many AV programs flag NC (netcat) as unwanted (which is usually installed by user, takes next to no resources and can be easily deleted), maybe Flexnet can be flagged too?
And offered a way to remove?

What do you think?