I don't like Spybot. I love it! It's free, it's efficient, and nothing bad can be said about it... save for the fact that it uses so god damn many topmost windows! Luckily, as a C++-programmer, I know how to disable this, but the approach which I am using is cumbersome, and it is my belief that only a minority of the people using the product can do the same.

It all comes down to this: Topmost windows are annoying, since you cannot switch to a different window and hide the topmost one; it is persistent and it ruins the end-user experience. Also, it is unethical. This is my computer, my operating system, my program. When I, the owner of alle three, wishes to see the application's windows, I will open them via the process bar, which any person with an IQ above 20 is capable of. Therefore, the topmost property of the windows are not only irritating, it is also redundant, making it a very stupid choice made by people which are, by looking at their otherwise excellent product, seemingly intelligent.

That is all for now. Keep up the good work, and keep down those windows :-)