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Thread: Does Spybot support Chrome?

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    Default Does Spybot support Chrome?

    Does Spybot support Chrome?
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    It does not; I am not sure if I should even add "at the moment". I say this because Chrome does not have the "Immunization" feature like Mozilla Firefox. There is no place to put all the blocked sites, ads, images, etc.

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    I should mention that it is possible for Spybot to support SRWare Iron; its adblock.ini file functions similarly to urlfilter.ini in Opera.

    However, indeed Chrome has no analogue to hostperm.1 or its successor, permissions.sqlite, as found in Firefox; even though Chrome now has an extension with decent content-blocking capability (AdBlock by Michael Gundlach), this cannot be made use of programmatically by an external application as the Firefox "content policy" (which BTW is not used by Wladimir Palant's Adblock Plus), HOSTS file, or Internet Explorer Restricted Sites, cookie policy, and ActiveX Killbits can.

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