I was trying to clean out my Temp folder when I ran across this file that refuses to be deleted. I donít know where it came from, I donít know what it goes to. Itís just there. It doesnít show up in Task Manager, yet I get the message that it is in use when I try to delete it.

I looked at the properties of the file and searched the internet for information on how to get rid of it. The consensus is that it is F-In-Box.DLL Edition, a program to assist in viewing flash movies, and that to get rid of it you need to install it. This doesnít help since the Ďprogramí doesnít show up in any list of my installed programs. I even checked the list generated by S&D.

According to the properties it was created by a company called Softanics.

My take is, if it is a useful program why is it in the Temp folder and not in a program folder in Program Files? Hiding out where it is and being unable to be deleted makes me suspicious.