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Thread: Location of the temporary files that Spybot deletes?

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    Exclamation Location of the temporary files that Spybot deletes?


    I've been using Spybot for a while now. Today while I was running a scan, I was informed that there were >3000 temporary files that could be deleted if I so wished. Typically when I see this message I reply 'No' and take care of it myself. This time, my finger slipped and I pushed 'Yes'. The files were deleted without further message.

    Where were the files deleted from? Is there a log I can consult? I just lost upward of 3000 files, and I don't even know from where they were deleted. I worry that actual, valuable files may have been lost during this, and overall, having some record of the files deleted - or at least a prompt outlining the directories from which they were removed - would be a good idea, I believe.

    I'm sorry if this problem/question comes up a lot. I've run a search on the forum, but other than a generic description of what temporary files are (I already know that) or why it's a good idea to delete them (again, already know that), I haven't found much information regarding the paths used for deletion.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi Tetranitro

    Depending of your computers OS, you can find the temp folder this way:
    Windows XP: Windows Start menu -> Run. Type %temp% and press enter will open the folder.
    Windows Vista: Windows Start Menu -> In the text box. Type %temp% and press enter will open the folder.


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