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Thread: Spybot Disapeared and wont reinstall???

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    Default Spybot Disapeared and wont reinstall???

    Iv used spybot for a long time and i think its great, but when i noticed my computer was acting funny i thought it was time to do a scan and when i went to click on S&D it was gone???? so then i tried reinstalling it by downloading it agian and as soon as the download is nearly finished it comes up with an error saying it cant install???? i dont know what to do??? Help me please! i tried to install it in safe mode but it still wont work because there is no net connection? Just dont know what to do HELP!

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    Which error message do you get exactly?
    Probably "ERROR SENDING REQUEST. THE SERVER NAME OR ADDRESS COULD NOT BE RESOLVED" because you have no internet access?

    During the installation Spybot tries to download the updates.
    You can disable this function in the wizard itself.
    Just untick the check box in front of "download updates during installation" or "Download Updates immediately".
    The updates can be downloaded later on.

    For more information on updating please have a look at this link on our website.
    You can also download the updates manually.
    Here is the direct download link.
    Just download and run that file - it is self-installing.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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