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Thread: Fresh Install ( XP Pro )

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    Default Fresh Install ( XP Pro )

    Hello all, I been using S&D long time, thank you very much.

    Last week, ( less than 7 days) I took my computer to have fresh install of XP, I was in a hurry and needed it for work over easter.

    I take PC home, all working fine, as usual, Windows slows down, so I use CCleaner. It have AVG 8, all good.
    Tweak registry to not log so many Windows useless logs.
    Anymore tweaks, please list them here, much appreciated.

    Still, as usual, windows eventually slows down when using IE 8
    I have been through this BS**t many times, but this time I want to get it right.
    So, I join forum, first time I ask questions!!

    My question is,
    After fresh install of Spybot S & D, it found 1 problem.
    This time a I made a thourough search from software, it found regsitry entry to say the following;

    --- Search result list ---
    Microsoft.WindowsSecurityCenter.AntiVirusOverride: [SBI $3604910C] Settings (Registry change, nothing done)
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\AntiVirusOverride

    The value in registry for the AntiVirusOveride currently is 1

    If I select "Fix Problem" on SpyBot, it says it will remove these entires.

    But would it be better to change the value to 0 myself rather than "remove",
    or what will exactly spybot do ?

    I assume it may remove the entire registry entry, or will it change the value to 0 ? Does that mean the overide is no On?
    Why is currntly Off?

    If I change the value to 0, will I have to re-boot computer so it takes effect?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Spybot - Search & Destroy is detecting Windows Security Center associated with Microsoft Security Center Registry changes. This is neither a false positive nor a bug. It is just an information.
    Spybot-S&D only wants to bring to your attention that "someone" disabled one or more notifications in the Windows Security Center, e.g. the notifications that your virus protection is not active or not up-to-date. If you changed the settings yourself you can safely tell Spybot-S&D to exclude those detections from further scans.
    In order to do so please right-click each in turn, then click "exclude this detection from future scans". That way, should any other part of security center settings change, Spybot-S&D will still detect those.
    The same is true if you have another security solution installed (like McAfee Security Center or Norton Internet Security). These programs do also disable the Windows Security Center in order to take care of things themselves.
    The reason why the changes are flagged by Spybot-S&D is that there are also malware programs that disable the notifications so the user doesn't take note of his security tools not being effective.

    Some more information is also available in our forum.

    Best Regards
    Team Spybot

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    Hello again,

    Thanks for the reply, understood;
    This is neither a false positive nor a bug. It is just an information.

    Is the value "1" mean the overide is On ?
    If it is On, ( 1 ) then does that mean virus detection will not be reported or not in operation ?

    My current Microsoft security settings are:
    Firewall: Off
    Auto-updates: Off

    Virus Protection: On

    As layman, to me this sounds like a contradiction,

    If Registry value is "1", (if it mean overide is On), and Microsoft Virus Protection ( Right Mouse Click Shield on Taskbar)
    appears to say On ( Green ), then what is it really doing?

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