Hi. Newbie here. Here's my tale.

1. MacAfee detected problem so I scanned.

2. They showed problem to fix, but wouldn't fix stating MacAfee not installed.

3. Contacted MacAfee on live chat line.

4. Was given 30 day free trial download of McAfee Total Protection package.

5. MacAfee installation window said to uninstall Spybot Search&Distroy.

6. In uninstalling SBS&D, a window suggested this wasn't necessary.

7. Before completing SBS&D uninstallation, I sent message to SBS&D re: running a test and would report back to SBS&D.

Here's the rest of my report:

8. Went back to McAfee after uninstalling SBS&D, was told to uninstall Windows Defender. I did not do this.

9. After installing McAfee, running scan and fixing problems,
I reinstalled SBS&D, checked for updates, ran more scans...including one requiring logging off and then scanning again, fixed problems (including a cookie and coupon software removal), and immunized.

10. Now...I can't print from my wireless printer connection and the two other laptops in my home can't access internet...I can, however, on the PC that I am using now.

11. No wireless networking or printer problems prior to installing, uninstalling and reinstalling security software.

12. Tried to program wireless again.

13. Merged 3 access connections (any way to "un-merge" these?)

14. Do I need to set up a "network" to allow two other laptops & printer to work? (They just need internet & printer access.) I seem to remember they did not need a "network" before....maybe?

15. The PC uses Surfboard Cable Modem, Linksys wireless G Broadband with linksys phone adaptor, gateway wireless software and WiFi ready Canon printer.

16. Do firewalls or other security features block or interfere with wireless connections?


My son, mom, dad, my students and I are all having serious time-sensitive project completion issues over this and would be SOOOOO GRATEFUL for any help, insight and/or guidance.

Sincerely and in Gratitude,