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Thread: Spybot S&D With Wireless Friendly Firewall?

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    Exclamation Spybot S&D With Wireless Friendly Firewall?

    [SIZE="3"]Does Spybot S&D have a firewall?[/SIZE] I am brand new (literally & figuratively) to actively using Spybot.

    I seem to remember on one of my Spybot IT "info treasure hunts" that Spybot S&D does not have a firewall. I think I read why this is so...but I can't remember.

    I also DO remember reading on my wireless set-up for Canon printer that to install wireless network set-up one must disable any Firewalls. I don't remember if it needs to remain disabled.

    Is there a Spybot S&D program that has a wireless friendly Firewall?

    Would this make a good project?
    I don't understand why wireless connections from PC to wireless printer and 2 laptops worked without setting up any wireless network before. When these functions stopped connecting I started to try to set up a private network. But now...that's not working either.

    Would anyone be able to help me get my wireless printer and 2 laptops connected? (neither laptop can currently get internet nor printer to work)

    I'm sending, forthwith, a copy of my previous (and first) post to you all I sent during this morning's wee hours. It lists the situation in more detail. Or, you can look under "Ehenngan's Posts" in my profile. (Please know I will be filling out my profile as soon as I take care of a few emergencies.)

    Also, my User Name contains a typo. I thought I fixed it in the "edit profile" section...but I guess not. It SHOULD read: Ehennigan As it stands, it reads: Ehenngan. Any one know how I can edit my User Name here?

    By-the-way, you are all SO AWESOME! I am so THANKFUL you exist. I own a business (teaching Performing Arts) and charge donation prices too! Due to severe family medical situations I am on family leave with no income. If it weren't for you, your user/technical/ethical-friendly and expert family of 4 would be sunk. I look forward to seeing my family through these times, getting back to work, making some money AND DONATING TO THE CAUSE HERE!!!

    Additionally, I LOVE IT Tech! I'm good at it, too, and have helped many solve IT issues...albeit-due to my current MO in these matters which includes lots of "punting", "IT information treasure hunts", "learn by doing", "continuous transfer and immediate implementation of transferable skills", "liberal use of patience, calm during the storm and interpersonal skills", "identifying, contacting and working with specific, project centered, trustworthy, knowledgeable and feasible information sources", "conservative Midwestern US work-ethic (start job, give it your best, give it your all, ask for help, know your limitations, if necessary refer up and/or out to best you can find, don't stop til it's done, check back to see if all's still well)". In otherwords, I'm a life-long learner enrolled as an undergrad in the School of Hard Knocks. Can't wait for graduate school in a certified program of some sort!

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

    Take care,
    Other thread.
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    Hello Ehennigan,
    Quote Originally Posted by Ehennigan View Post
    I seem to remember on one of my Spybot IT "info treasure hunts" that Spybot S&D does not have a firewall. I think I read why this is so...but I can't remember.
    Spybot-S&D searches for spyware, malware, adware, trojans, hijackers and keyloggers, the program does not contain a firewall.

    As per response to PM, your other topic:

    Best regards.
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