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Thread: Spybot imitation virus?

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    Arrow Spybot imitation virus?

    Today immediately after I started windows a blue screen appeared and the spybot search and destroy logo appeared and began a search. At first I assumed this was some form of boot scan but I became suspicious:

    *I had not requested a scan.
    *There was a timer counting down to 25minutes that would reset once it hit zero and was running much faster than realtime.
    *The last digit of the number of files counted was not fully visible (half of it was hidden behind the logo.
    *Pressing stop scan did not work (tbh though I didn't give it much time)
    *Windows had in fact loaded the full screened blue screen just gave the illusion of a boot scan.
    *Once I forced the program shut in task manager sent the error report etc the normal version of spybot was still running.

    Is this a virus?
    If so how should I go about removing it?
    (I did a full system scan the day before and nothing showed up)

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    That is nothing bad.

    Open Spybot in the advanced mode via the menu item mode, go to 'tools'->'System Startup'
    Then mark the following entry and remove it: C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe" /autocheck

    If this does not help maybe this is due to the message during the scan "It is recommended that you reboot and scan again to find items that may be uncovered only after a reboot."

    Please download a new SpybotSD.exe file here.

    Also download a new advcheck.dll here.

    Move those two files: SpybotSD.exe and advcheck.dll to your program installation folder, and accept to replace the old ones.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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