I do not know if I am posting in the proper section. But I believe that I have a problem. When I scan with spybot it comes up with no problems. When I try to clear the temporary files i have files that are listed as JET57.temp and DAT28.temp. The numbers change each time the computer is used. When I try to delete these files, a message comes up stating that the files are in use by another person or program. When I google JET or DAT temporary files the information appears to state that these programs are being run remotely and are very bad. Also, when I first start Spybot the window that usually comes comes up and asks if you want to delete temporary files only flashes for a second and then is gone. When it did stay up it would not delete 3 files that it said were running at the time. If possible, how do I remove these programs and how do I get the window at the start of a Spybot search to let me delete temporary files? Thank you in advance.