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Thread: Recurrence of "RIGHT MEDIA" Discovered Threat!

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    Post Recurrence of "RIGHT MEDIA" Discovered Threat!

    Upon the completion of running numerous Spybot S&D "Check for Problems" and "Fixing Selected Problems," the SAME red entry "RIGHT MEDIA," is found again and again at the end of running a search, after already having been *fixed* previously . It says [ +Right Media ], and further details indicate a "tracking cookie...". It's been found, selected, fixed, and then back again after numerous "supposed" fixes? How can I be certain if it's really fixed? Any help as to what this is, why it won't stop being found after selected to be fixed at least half a dozen+ times, and how to fix it, would be greatly appreciated. Google and other personal searches/attempts to figure out what it is and what to do about it have not be successful and/or clear. Thank you... ~
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    There are a couple explanations about tracking cookies here:

    You can remove the cookie through your browser.
    It says [ +Right Media ], and further details indicate a "tracking cookie...".
    Which browser is listed beside Tracking Cookie,after you click the plus sign?

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