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Thread: Updating the beta 2 program

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    Question Updating the beta 2 program

    So OK installed this Beta version of S&D, so does this program update itself to a later version? or to the final version? OR do I need to uninstall each beta release to install another newer one?

    Also I don't see where this beta does its updates, in 1.6 it has a separate screen that pops up that shows me if its downloading or if there are any updates. I tried the Update icon, but it goes to a screen with a listing, that doesn't do anything, the update button when clicked brings up a small pop up which just disappears in a sec, nothing to tell me if there are any updates or not or if its even updating.

    BTW I use a dial up ISP (Juno) so downloading the main program if it needs reinstalling takes a bit of time.

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    I think you have to uninstall the current version, then install the new (beta) version. I would prefer that, since it's the safest way to update it.

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    um, I don't think spybot 2.0 beta 2 exists yet.
    currently, only spybot s&d 2.0 beta 1 is available.

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    That's true but what's ment here is just to preveltively ask what he will need to do once it comes. Or do you mean "beta 2" title - i guess that means the current "beta of S&D 2". But fyi: there have been already pre-beta-releases from which you could update.
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