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Thread: Does NOT support Windows 2000?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom.K View Post
    , my mistake.
    understandable error, Tom.

    I'm beginning to think that the upcoming RC & final releases of Spybot 2.0 (if and whenever they come out) will no longer support W2K and older [heck, even the newly released beta 4 of Spybot 2 won't install/run under win2000]. no big deal to me anymore as I will inevitably convert old machines that have win2000 sp4 on them to winxp sp3 and my brother has gotten me & the rest of my family brand new laptops/desktops with Windows 7 on them.
    what bitman said earlier may turn out to be right in the long run.

    and of course, microsoft will drop support for WinXP sometime in year 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitman View Post
    The more important reason that W2K support is pointless is that the platform has a key security issue similar to Windows 9x. This is that Windows XP is the first platform which included the Windows firewall, which was added as part of the core security improvements within Service Pack 2 for XP. This is the major reason that Windows Defender as well as other Microsoft security products have never supported any platform older than Windows XP SP2.

    Those of you who were wondering why it took so long for Spybot S&D 2.0 to become available even in its current beta form, this is a huge part of the reason. Continuing to support outdated operating systems has badly delayed the forward movement of Spybot and will continue to if those who care about it don't help the Spybot Team make effective decisions. Those few still using an outdated operating system are quite simply creating their own problem(s), so why should everyone else suffer as a result of their bad decision?


    Bitman you're wrong.
    a. see the diehards at msfn. Using kernels/APIs from XP and later they can keep 2K secure, there's even one who has managed to get 2000 to run on a six-core CPU, as for firewalls, Outpost still works.
    Myself I just ran out of the time to tinker, it is not for everyone, you have to know what you're doing.
    I've moved to an nLited XP for my HTPCs and Win7 SP1 for workstation use but with Aero turned off and the classic desktop theme "Maple" , the machine runs a little faster without Aero.
    b. The Plus! pack from Win '98 still functions in 7, I have my red pointers, not black or white, indeed the core of the old 32-bit OS is still there, for the most part it is just the installers that are
    the problem, if the utility vendor has moved to VC+2010 because M$ consciously altered the compiler as not to include code for 2000. Like I said that only affects the web installers.
    One can still do a 'hard' installation of the core, again see msfn. As for firewall in 7, in order to have more control I added "TinyWall", see it at Majorgeeks.
    Anyhoo....enough for a dead thread.
    I will either create a new one for my next concern or join if someone else has brought up the query I want to pose.
    XP SP3 nLited (HTPCs), Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 workstation, Linux user various distros.

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