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Thread: HI! Need Help! Computer infected!

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    Exclamation HI! Need Help! Computer infected!

    I just want to say thank you to safer-networking and the whole team. Been using it for years along side the usual free version virus programs. Never had any problems.

    Now I'm forced to use a public access point for all my internet activity. Bought a Gateway notebook in March with Win 7 and I've never had so many problems, even though I was running full Norton coverage for a period while it was free. New windows is so network friendly, I have a feeling I'm not in control of my own computer anymore. Network and file sharing turns on all the time, stuff is constantly getting in. I only know enough about computers to get me in trouble

    I loaded the new beta SPYBOT and I love it. I'm running it by itself and it rocks! But I still need help cleaning up my system and getting more control over who and what gets in

    Could really use some advice pleaseand ninja help! I'd appreciate it sooooomuch!
    This is my first time ever posting anything on your forums.

    Thank you and have an outstanding day!

    P.S. I tried to post this in the waiting room, I don't know what happened. Can I move it somehow? Sorry OOPS
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