About a month ago I started having this problem. Almost every time I click a link from a google search it redirects me to a different page instead of the page I clicked on. I have been getting around this by just copying the link directly into the url bar. I usually use chrome but it happens when I use internet explorer also. I don't know what could have caused the problem; I don't think I visited any creepy sites or ran anything blatantly bad.

I ran a full scan of malwarebytes and nothing came up. Then I tried kaspersky rescue disk 2010 and nothing came up at all. Again with Spybot nothing unusual came up. And with TDSSkiller nothing came up.

When it redirects me it usually goes to scour.com or different fake anti-virus sites.

I have windows 7 32 bit.

Attached is the zipped attatch.txt file

Thanks for your help!