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    Default 1st Impression

    I ran the Beta and install went fine.

    The 1st screen that comes up there's a notification that says, No Update Attempt Registered!

    I'm sorry to say that was a bit confusing to me (guess I'm an average user, non techy type) but I fairly quickly understood it simply meant I hadn't updated the system yet.

    So when I looked for it -- it's not there!

    I had to check mark the "Experienced User Mode" tab just to get to the updates.

    To me, that sounds a bit ridiculous. It should be there with basic functions.

    Just my two pennies so far.


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    Default Spybot Beta 2030

    Well what a change from the earlier version.
    First off - how the heck do I do an update before scanning?
    Pretty basic but I can't see how to do it.
    So I ran a system scan without an updtea & 268 detections later, with most showing the green threat box at half-way (whatever that implies) I am now left wondering what to do. A few days ago these "issues" were unknown, the old spybot apparently did not see them.
    Now what?
    It's no use having a wealth of information which you dare not act upon.
    Spybot offers to "fix" but I'm too wary of the possible results.
    So far I am far from impressed, it looks like too much change.
    And if the developer can't managr to include a manual update button (how o;d is he/she?) why should I think this might yet be reliable SW?
    Peter O

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlonz View Post
    First off - how the heck do I do an update before scanning?
    Updates are supposed to be automatic, though I've had some problems with this which are hopefully being sorted out.

    If you want to update manually, check the "Experienced User Mode" (near the top right of the window) and then choose the Update option.

    You can see this in this video.

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