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Thread: Spybot-S&D 2.0 Beta 2 release thread

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    like with beta 1, Spybot 2.0 beta 2 requires WinXP or higher to install and use; it won't install/run under any version of Windows less than XP.

    PepiMK and the other developers of Spybot need to decide by either the RC or final release of Spybot 2.0 whether to support Win2000 or not.

    edit: I'll try to test out beta 2 on one of my XP machines later today and see how well it works.
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    I have 1 question and 1 bug to report (already reported in formular)

    - How is the firewall working now? The service disappeared but tray says its running.
    - I got an continuous "out of memory" error ending in a bluescreen while running a full scan on a win7 x64 SP1 pc with 2GB Ram (normally 45% loaded).

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    Just minor bugs:

    You can't see additional text.

    This happends when you stop immunization and before that it wasn't first analyzed, immunization hangs on Firefox. There's about 180k entries I think.

    This bar keeps showing up... make it stealth?

    No details about specific detection.

    False positive.

    There's no option to choose what to install in Custom Installation mode, while Scanner still goes insane at ending scan (while results before ending of scan don't show up until end of it). Maybe results of threats should be moved to Cleaner module while Scanner module will just do scan details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daemon View Post
    The beta 2 installer should do the right thing when beta 1 is already installed. So a previously installed beta 1 should not cause any problems when installing beta 2.

    Thanks. Installing Beta 2 on top of Beta 1 worked just fine. This Beta 2 is a great improvement over Beta 1. I specially like the new scan, it completes very fast.

    I found a problem whith user permisions when trying to scan an environment with a user different than administrator. I'll send a report.

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    Default v will not update.

    I have a meter showing tcp/ip activity and there is none, so it is NOT updating and the program banner at the top shows version and below that in bold "No update attempt registered! and below that Database size ???.

    I'm using XP Pro, service pack 3, and opera 11.50 browser.

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