This viral ad is for certain a hijacker trying to steal information
How i know this? List of the following reasons.

1.None stop 24/7 pop up of this single add (and after you close it it will open up a new type of ad to hide itself from someone finding out that its a hacker)

2. There is no way to block or delete it ( my pop up blocker is at highest security & I am currently blocking all third party and first party cookies and the ad still gets through)

3. I have reported it to the authorities and they can't stop it (they said it won't stop creating new entry points)

Final. Downloads are being made without me knowing & my cursor was moving itself trying to go on a site that had a lot of my personal information
and card information.

If anyone can help me stop this hacker from stealing a lot of money & or Accounts from me then please send me a private message that explains how i can permanently dispose of this wretched thing.