Just one other point - can you advise what malware it was that I had?
Since you said that Firefox was being redirected, more likely than not you had a Goored infection. Its a type of malware that hits Firefox and causes redirects.

the link to the mvps host file is not working. do you have an alternative link?
Did you go here:


That page loads up just fine for me. You can try these instructions to get MVPS Hosts:

Step # 1: Download and Install MVPS Hosts

Download and unzip hosts.zip from here to a folder, preferably C:\Hosts\.

Open up the C:\Hosts\ folder and double-click on the mvps.bat file, it will rename your present HOSTS file to HOSTS.MVP, then it will copy the new HOSTS file to the correct location on your machine. It happens very quickly so don't blink!

I'll go ahead and close this thread, but if you need to view it again you can do so in the Archives section of the forum.

Good luck and safe surfing!