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Thread: can't remove downloader.agent.uj

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    Default can't remove downloader.agent.uj

    I recently got avast virus warnings for 2 Adan viruses (78 & 94? I think).
    I ran ewido and it shows downloader.agent.uj but cannot quarantine or delete.

    Other resolved posts claimed fixwareout.exe cleaned it out, but when I run fixwareout command prompt shows:
    Bad command or file name
    Unsupported windows version

    I am on a win2k system.
    I've tried running:
    ad-aware (nothing found)
    ewido (finds downloader.agent.uj but can't remove)
    a-squared (found and removed somthing called kill+clean)
    spybot s&d (runs for long time then freezes).

    I do not have my hijack log handy now but was wondering if fixwareout is the only solution.

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    Consider posting in the Malware Removal forum and having someone take a look at your system. Follow the instructions outlined in the following reference:

    Then start a new thread (topic) in the following forum:

    Note: Describe the problem you are having and include the HijackThis log and the on-line Anti Virus scan log/report produced when following the instructions above.

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