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Thread: Hello, it has been a long time. Question about graphics cards:

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    Question Hello, it has been a long time. Question about graphics cards:

    does any of my friends know if this video card will work in an old compaq I have? its the S5000NX compaq presario desktop. The processor is pretty decent on this for its time and with this video card I can make it do netflix and things quite well. But I am unsure if the pci express 2.0 card will work in the older port. Can anyone tell me if it will?

    I think it will, but I am unsure. I always get confused with the older AGP and pci and the new pci express tech.

    anything is better then the built in on board intel 64mb shared memory graphics lol. I realize I will not get the full speed of the card on an older pci slot.
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