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Thread: Problem with initial Spybot download

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    Default Problem with initial Spybot download

    I tried to download Spybot about an hour ago, and I'm not sure if I was successful. For the last hour, on my screen, I get the message, "Loading Spybot Search and Destroy". But an hour seems like a long time for a download. (I have a fiber optic internet connection.) When I check the Spybot program folder on the C Drive, it shows that 45.2 mg of Spybot has loaded. Is that the entire Spybot?

    I have AVG also; could that cause a problem? When I look at the Task Manager, the Tea Timer and AVGIDSAgent are both running.

    Is the Tea Timer doing a scan, even though the message says still downloading?

    Thanks very much for any help.

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    Where did you try to download Spybot-S&D? Which version did you try to download? 45.2 MB is not a correct size of any released Spybot-S&D version as far as I am aware.

    You can download our current Spybot-S&D releases e.g. from this page:


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