Chrome 58.0.3029.81 released
April 19, 2017 - "The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 58 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. This will roll out over the coming days/weeks. Chrome 58.0.3029.81 contains a number of fixes and improvements... This update includes -29- security fixes..."

CVE Reference: CVE-2017-5057, CVE-2017-5058, CVE-2017-5059, CVE-2017-5060, CVE-2017-5061, CVE-2017-5062, CVE-2017-5063, CVE-2017-5064, CVE-2017-5065, CVE-2017-5066, CVE-2017-5067, CVE-2017-5069
Apr 20 2017
Fix Available: Yes Vendor Confirmed: Yes
Version(s): prior to 58.0.3029.81 ...
Impact: A remote user can create content that, when loaded by the target user, will execute arbitrary code on the target user's system.
A remote user can bypass cross-origin restrictions on the target system.
A remote user can spoof a URL.
Solution: The vendor has issued a fix (58.0.3029.81)...

April 19, 2017