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Thread: Spybot scan other windows profiles?

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    Default Spybot scan other windows profiles?

    I have searched the forums and not been able to find an answer to this question. When you run Spybot does it scan all Windows profiles or just the one that it is logged in as? If the user is an administrator does this make any difference as to whether it will scan all profiles or not?

    I did see a command line option that said /allhives

    Is this all I need to use to scan all profiles?


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    I believe this still holds true.

    Quote Originally Posted by md usa spybot fan
    The entire system is scanned for most malware. However, because of restrictions in the Microsoft APIs (Application Program Interfaces) used by Spybot, the scan from one account does not include the Internet cache or cookies of other accounts.
    It would be best to scan from an administrator account,as I recall.

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