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    Default Hacked and gagged by haters

    I've been severely hacked. One aspect (of many) is that my S&D updates come down with bad checksums. This doesn't apply to most updates, but to English Help and to the most important updates: the Advanced Detection Library and the Detection Support Library.

    Everything else seems to download fine. For what it's worth.

    I can't go into the countless ways this hack has affected me - it would take pages to do so.

    I'd sure welcome some knowledgeable help. The hackers have to put something on my system, even if they personally apply their efforts. My cursor sometimes has a mind of its own - I think somebody is "using" it somehow. Someone tried to open a Word doc on my desktop about e-mail addresses and passwords. It was password protected, but also, I hadn't reinstalled Word since formating after the LAST hack. They failed, of course, but I got an apologetic popup from Windows about it. This is the fourth time they've done this, but this time it's with a vengeance.

    Formatting has only been slightly helpful. Some things stay in the registry even through a format. Also, the "bot" or whatever it is, may be attached to one of my programs and I don't suspect it. So when I reinstall THEM, I'm also reinstalling IT. NOTHING has found any of their "deposits" yet, not S&D, or Avast! or AVG Free, or AdAware Pro. Of course, updates are somewhat obstructed for them, too. I can't do online scans, because one aspect of the hack is that my Internet connection gets turned off several times (1-10) per hour, and my DSL modem gets itself lost or disconnected several times a MINUTE. Being online is a constant fight to get ANYWHERE. Downloads arrive corrupted and pages time out often. Somehow, all pages with comment fields managed by disqus have become image overlays - I can't write in them. So I've been very successfully gagged on all sites with such comment fields. In NYTimes, comment pages simply don't load, though all the other kinds do.

    And more - a lot more. About 2 months ago, something kicked out ALL of my IRQ, DMA and memory numbers. I had to get a pro to flash the motherboard.

    These people are profoundly malevolent, far more sophisticated than I am, and they mean business. Not to steal from me, but to gag me online and cause me as much harm as possible. Their motive is hate. I have an idea about who, but not down to the individual level, or even the location of the source.

    Can someone help me learn how I can track down this garbage, even if I can't track down the maggots doing it to me?
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