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Thread: the newest beta release failed this guys test.

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    Exclamation the newest beta release failed this guys test.


    this guy on youtube test out the latest and newest beta release of spybot & destroy 2.0

    and it failed all test. and after i watched his video i found a few thing i did not like, it was scanning stuff that did not need to scan, of all the malware/spyware and other nasty bugs it scanned, it just let them install after it scanned, it did not block anything. i realize its a beta, but come on, did yo guys even test this on an everyday pc ?,

    and it sucked up ram, the only time i want it to scan is when i tell it too, does not look like we have much contral.

    hope you fix it, before it comes out of beta, i hope you take your time with these beta's.

    heres this guys you tube video .

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    Great review!
    Doing a review without even scanning once.

    But then scanning with other security applications and compare that.
    Not to forget to compare full stable versions with a Beta version.
    Awesome! *g*

    For sure there needs to be done some work on the Beta.
    As the name says it's a Beta and we are working on it.
    Actually there will be released another Beta in the next fex days where a lot of stuff has been fixed and enhanced.
    That also includes the "paused Live Protection."

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    As a longtime SBS&D user, I am willing to give it a chance, but to be quite honest, I have reservations about whether the 2.0 version will live up to the high standards the original version set.

    I have tried each BETA as soon as they were made available.

    Unfortunately, (and this pains me greatly, because I want one of my all-time favorite applications to be successful, I really do), I am not seeing any great progress, especially given the amount of time it has been in development.

    I watched the video, and while the author does not show what, if any, configuration changes he made, I presume it is a default installation, although he does not specify that is the case. However, If that is indeed the case, SBS&D 2.0 does have a long way to go, and I wonder if the final product will be worth the effort expended? Only time will tell.

    I will continue to a fervent advocate for a 'Lite' version that only has a scanner.

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